Who is Collette?


Collette is a Belgian girl of 3 years old. She has cerebral palsy. This causes her to have difficulties moving the left side of her body. Walking is very difficult, and she can hardly move her arm and hand. She also has epilepsy, and eating is very complicated.

During her whole life Collette will need kinesiotherapy, training to practice walking, tube feeding, and other therapies.


Dolphin therapy


At this moment, the parents of Collette are saving money to be able to pay a new therapy, that apparently has a lot of benefits for children with cerebral palsy: dolphin-assisted therapy. Team Boga wants to help. That is why we designed the Collette bracelet, a bracelet inspired by dolphin therapy. We will give half of the profits to Collette’s parents, because we believe that every girl deserves to be a mermaid, at least once in her life.


Official website of We Love Collette:




The bracelet


The bracelet is made with nautical chord in the color blue. The chord is made of high quality polyester, it is soft and comfortable. The bracelet is comfortable to wear and easy to put on and take off. The mermaid/dolphin tale is made of stainless steel.

We ship every order in a wooden Boga box.

Free shipping in Spain and Portugal. Free worldwide shipping from €50.


¿Which size do I need?


We recommend S for children or women with a small wrist, and M or women or men.

Collette bracelet


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